Coming Clean, Chapter 24 ~Evian and a host of others~
by Luvin_Evian

Chapter 24

Julian savored the honey sweetness of Eve’s kisses while images of untold delight the evening promised to hold danced in his head.   She wanted to show him how much she loved, and he had no doubt she would do just that.  But first, there was something he wanted to do.  Bringing their kiss to an end, he took a small step back.

Eve moaned.  Displeasure showed on her pouty, kiss-swollen lips.  “Julian,” she grumbled, “I’m going to start thinking thoughts if you keep cutting me off.” 

“Shh.”  He pressed his forefinger to her lips and trailed it slowly to her chin.  “Stay right here,” he instructed with a kiss to her forehead. “I’ll be right back.”

“Where are you going?”

“Right across the room,” he answered, making his way the state-of-the-art stereo system.  “There is something we haven’t done.”

“I don’t think we’ll get it done with you on the other side of the room,” Eve quipped.

Julian looked over his shoulder at her and laughed.  “My love, I won’t be away from your arms much longer.  I promise.”

He searched through the stack of CDs housed next to the system.   The collection of some of their favorite songs just one of the many additions he made to their cozy little cottage.  Julian continued to scan the titles until he found what he knew to be the perfect tune.  

“The celebration of our union ended before we could take our first turn as husband and wife,” he explained.  “I think we should rectify that problem.” He dropped the disk onto the deck and pushed it into place.   The opening strains filtered through the speakers surrounding the room as he made his way back to her.

Eve sighed.  Her beautiful eyes shined with recognition.  Hopeless romantic she was, he knew she would appreciate the theme behind the classic love song.  “Oh, Julian,” she murmured.

“May I have this dance?” he asked, his right hand outstretched.

She accepted his proffered hand.  “Now and forever.”

Locked in each other’s arms, their bodies swayed to the music.


~I believe in you and me
I believe that we will be
In love eternally
As far as I can see
You will always be the one for me
Oh yes you will
I believe in dreams again
I believe that love will never end
And like the river finds the sea
I was lost, now I’m free

I believe in you and me


I will never leave your side

I will never hurt your pride
When all the chips are down
I will always be around
Just to be right where you are
My love, oh I love you girl
I will never leave you out
I will always let you in
To places no one’s ever been
Deep inside, can’t you see

 I believe in you and me~

Julian traced the curve of her jaw with his fingertips.  Eve lifted her head from his shoulder.  His heart lurched and stomach somersaulted at the sight of her gorgeous smile.   Even after all this time, she still reduced him to mush.  “You are absolutely breathtaking.” His thumb grazed her cheek.  “I can’t get over how beautiful you are.  I am the luckiest man in the world.”

“We’re both lucky.”  She returned her head to his shoulder.  “This song is perfect, Julian.  It’s one of my favorites,” she said of the Four Tops melody.

“It’s one of my favorites, too.”  He pressed a kiss to her forehead.  “You know, this is not only our first dance as husband and wife, but our first dance since we found our way back to each other.   I wanted to find a song that said how I feel about you—about us.” 

“You succeeded.”  She brushed her hand against the back of his head.  “It’s wonderful.”  Her soft lips felt like falling rose petals as they nuzzled his neck.  “You’re wonderful.” 

They continued their dance in a companionable silence, even as his body screamed to be closer to hers.  The suggestive movements of Eve’s hips and the way her fingers trailed the length of his spine drove him to the near side of madness.  Barely a breath’s space separated them, but too close could not be achieved as his manhood, hard and eager, throbbed against her.  He dropped his hands to her buttocks, and buried his face in the crook of her neck.  Her fragrant perfume, soft, sweet, and oh so feminine was more potent than any spirit, but just the mere thought of her always left him intoxicated.
<>The song neared its end. Soon, he could hold her in arms without the hindering barrier of clothing.  Eve looked absolutely stunning in her dress, but out of it, she would be even more so.  A low moan of anticipation rumbled in his throat.  It wouldn’t be long now.

~Maybe I’m a fool
To feel the way I do
But I will play the fool forever
Just to be with you forever
I believe in miracles
Love’s a miracle
And baby you’re a dream come true
I was lost, now I’m free
I believe in you and me
I was lost, now I’m free
I believe in you and me.

With the final lyric sung and the next love song playing, Julian swooped Eve into his arms. He smiled at her wide-eyed expression and her quick intake of breath.  “You mentioned something earlier about showing me how much you love me,” he said.

Eve nodded.  “I remember that.”

“I’m feeling an intense need to show the same to you.”  His lips descended upon hers.   Eve opened up to him, and his seeking tongue found immediate sanctuary in the warmth of her mouth.   Without breaking the kiss, Julian carried her into their bedroom.

Once inside, he broke the kiss and lowered her to the floor.  The soft glow of the moonlight served as the sole illumination of the room.   Not too bright to be distracting, and not too dark to keep him from appreciating the splendor of Eve’s body in its natural state.  Moving to stand behind her, he lowered the zipper to her dress.  He dusted kisses along her back as he eased the dress off her body and to the floor.  Unclasping her bra, he peeled the lacy, black material off her shoulders, and tossed it atop the dress, leaving her in just the matching panties to her discarded undergarment. 

Still standing at her rear, he eased his hands to the front of her body, filling his palms with her full breasts.  His thumb and forefinger teased her pebble hard nipples while his lips busied themselves with her graceful neck.  Eve reached around him, stroking the back of his neck, urging him on.   Her moans of pleasure served to stir his growing need.  Julian pressed the evidence of his desire against her firm, round bottom.   “Do you feel what you do to me?” he whispered in her ear, as he continued to knead her soft mounds of flesh.

Eve turned around and kissed him with such passion he thought he saw stars.  “Not nearly as much as I’d like to,” she answered.   The wanton look in her eyes and the way her breasts rose and fell with her every breath made Julian’s attempt to regulate his own breathing a near impossible feat.  Tiny gold studs went flying here and there as she tore his shirt open and dropped it to the floor.  Her hot mouth descended upon his chest, laving his hardened nipples with her tongue before paving a fiery trail of kisses to his navel.    Eye-level to his midsection, Eve turned her attention from the bulge in his trousers to peer at him over the curl of her thick lashes.  “Does Little Julian want to come out and play?”

Julian nodded.  “Yes, he does.”

His knees buckled slightly as she loosened the clasp in his slack and lowered the zipper over the ever-growing mound.  His pants fell to the floor and his silk boxers followed in quick succession.   Soon Julian stood naked and erect before his grinning bride.   Eve nibbled on her bottom lip as her eyes raked over his body.     “You’re even more magnificent than I remember.”

She took a tiny step back.   Julian’s eyes stayed fixed on her as she stuck her thumbs inside the waistband at the sides of her panties.   She shimmied the slight scrap of material off her hips and down her mile long legs.   Using them like a slingshot, she flung the undies into his chest.  Julian looked from the panties at his feet to his naked wife.  She winked at him.   His eyes stretched in delightful shock.  Eve was seducing him, and doing a fantastic job.  Not that he needed any prodding or anything.

Continuing her little display, Eve removed the pins holding up her stylish hairdo and shook her head until the dark tresses came tumbling to her shoulders.  She traipsed over to the bed with slow, measured strides, sprawled her bare form onto the middle of the mattress, and then beckoned to him with a flexing forefinger.   “Come to me,” she instructed.

Like an obedient puppy, Julian followed her bidding as he throbbed almost painfully in need for her.   He settled next to her on the bed and gave her an appreciative smile.  His fingers glided along the silky smooth expanse from the curve of her hip to the bend of her knee and back again. “That was an incredible show.”

“So, you liked that?” she said with a coquettish grin.

“Very much. As a matter of fact, I have a little presentation for you, too.” <>Eve glanced at his twitching and fully erect organ.   Lust shined in her eyes.

“Is that so?”

“Yes, that’s so, Mrs. Crane.  The only difference is, my approach is going to be a little more hands on.”  He palmed one perfect breast.  “And lips on and tongue on,” he said, lowering his head and taking the dark, taut tip of her other breast into his mouth. After paying the same loving attention to her remaining breast, Julian went on to bestow the same attention to every inch of the rest of her. 

Eve writhed against the bed as he deepened his kiss to her most special of places.  “Oh, Julian,” she cried, threading her fingers in his hair.  Julian lifted his head and licked his lips.  He couldn’t get enough of her sweetness, but the pitch in her tone told him she was a lot closer to fulfillment than he thought.   When she crashed to the shores of ecstasy he wanted to be inside her. 

Shifting upward, he positioned his arms at either side of her head and angled his body over hers.  The tip of his engorged member brushed the steaming nest of curls at the center of her body.  Eve squirmed beneath him.  Longing and frustration darkened her eyes.   The sight turned him on even more. Again his brushed himself against her.  She whimpered. “Julian, please.” 

He combed his fingers through her hair and smiled.  “As you wish, my darling.” He settled his body between her parted thighs and entered the moist heat of her essence with one swift motion. Her velvety walls welcomed him with a sensual squeeze.   Eve arched her hips, taking him deeper as her legs coiled around his waist.   

It seemed the years they spent apart never happened, as their bodies moved together like the last time was yesterday instead of two plus decades. Julian continued to fill her with loving thrusts.  Eve’s hands gripped his bottom, guiding him as he drove inside her.  No matter the variation, long and deep or short and fast, Eve met him stroke for stroke.   The rigid caps of her golden breasts were like pokers against his chest, stoking the fires that burned in his loins.  He moaned.   “Oh, Eve. God, how I love you.”

“I love you, too, Julian. I love you so much.”

He felt her contract around him.   Aware the end was near, Julian increased his tempo.   Eve held fast to his backside.  Her thumping heart pounded against his chest.  His lips found hers.  Their tongues engaged in an erotic game of Twister as they continued to move together at a frenetic pace.  Sighs and moans of pleasure filled the room.  With one final thrust, they found their release. 

Julian rolled to his back and gathered Eve in his arms.  He pressed a kiss to her forehead.   She sighed.  Her smiling face the picture of contentment.   Julian buried his face in her hair, inhaling the strawberry scent.  He wanted to freeze this moment in time.    For tomorrow, their new lives as man and wife would begin as a charade.   With Eve wanting an annulment, and him fighting her every step of the way.   They had to do this to find their son, but Julian couldn’t help but wonder if they could really pull it off.

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