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I've watched Passions since the beginning of the show.
I wanted to bring my own site into play because I thought I had something to offer.
I hope that you enjoy this site.


I also usually have a daily summary (Monday - Thursday) about Passions, and I will be posting those here as well.

An any other Passions column that crosses my mind.

Fan Fiction Index
The main  reason I wanted a website. I wanted all my Fan Fiction in one place. So, my own Fics are here, as well as some others that I really like, and serve the part of the underappreciated Passions community


I tried to gather as many links, both Passions and non-Passions, that I could. You can get a real flavor of the diversity of the pages out there available to soap fans.

I am a real fan of the daytime drama, and I want Passions to succeed. I'm a real fan, and I'm still addicted to it, which I hope never changes. The best thing about getting on the 'net is finding other fans who have similar interests. Who understand why soaps are so addictive and involving.


Daily Summaries
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Fan Fiction Index

September 11, 2001 Comments


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