Revenge Is Fair In Love ch. 19 Behind Bars
by lordoftheringsfan

     "My life is a living hell," Julian thought as he paced around the room. "Why does something bad have to happen every year?"
     "And we weren't anywhere near the Bennette house or the Crane mansion!" Rebecca said.

     "That psycho coming into our room with an axe when we were getting ready to make love was even wackier than those birds attacking the Bennett house, Charity getting dragged into hell through her closet, well maybe not that earthquake Grace caused around last Christmas allowing Theresa to fake her death and kidnap our son, but can't I have one normal holiday? Just one?"

     "And I don't think these prison beds are going to help us make up for the lost time either," Rebecca said, sitting down on the bed. "You can feel the springs!" Julian sat down on the bed and immediately jumped up.

     "Ow!" Julian said. "I can't wait until they let us out of here and Theresa is the one locked away!"

     "Hey, don't I get another phone call?" A voice yelled. Julian and Rebecca looked at each other in dread.

      "Pookey, that voice sounds awfully familiar." Rebecca said.

      "You had your phone call!" The gaurd said. Julian and Rebecca groaned in annoyance as the gauard shoved Mrs. Wallace into the cell.

      "What are you doing here!?" Julian asked.

      "Just when we thought things couldn't get any worse, they did." Rebecca whined.

      "Well, well, well, I never thought I'd see the day when I saw Julian Crane and Rebecca Hotchkiss playing prisoners!" Mrs. Wallace said.

      "It's Rebecca Crane!" Rebecca said furiously.

      "And we're not playing prisoners! We were arrested because some crazy woman with an axe chopped up our hotel room and they blamed us!" Julian said.

      "What are you here for?" Rebecca asked.

      "Beth forgot to buy me some diapers, so I got busted stealing money from people." Mrs. Wallace said.

      "Help," Julian and Rebecca said to each other in dread.

      "My life is really over," Rebecca said.

      "Don't you worry," Mrs. Wallace said to Rebecca. "I hear that there are a lot of hot men in prison with really big muscles, and they look really sexy with their shirts off! Even though most of them are killers."

     "Killers?" Rebecca asked.

     "Father has to get us out of here soon," Julian said.

     "I hope so," Rebecca said. Julian and Rebecca kissed. A prisoner being led to his cell looked at them in annoyance.

     "Get a room," The prisoner groaned.

     "Well, we did until someone chopped up the hotel room with an axe and we got blamed!" Rebecca said.

     Beth escaped from the dump.


     Sheridan and Luis arrived at Pilar's.

     "Are you feeling any better?" Luis asked.

     "Luis, I feel just fine." Sheridan said.

     "Alright," Luis said, not sure he could believe her. A few seconds later, Sheridan passed out.

     "Sheridan!?" Luis exclaimed. Pilar opened the door.

     "Oh my God, Sheridan!" Pilar said.

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