Revenge Is Fair In Love  - Chapter 21 Ethan's Question (Gwethan/Therethan)
by lordoftheringsfan

      Gwen sighed as she paced around the hotel room. Ever since Julian and Rebecca had picked up Allan and left, Gwen had been desperately trying to track down Ethan to figure out where he was. "Ethan, where are you?" Gwen asked misererably. Gwen hang up the phone. She had desperately tried his cellphone number.
     In the cabin, Ethan's cellphone began to ring. He tried to push Theresa away, but Theresa pulled him into another kiss. "Theresa, please stop." Ethan said. Ethan answered the phone. "Hello?" Ethan asked.

     "Ethan, it's not important." Theresa said.

     "What?" Gwen asked. Theresa quickly grabbed the phone.

     "You really did run off with Theresa, didn't you?" Gwen asked.

     "Ethan, honey," Theresa said.

     "Theresa, we are not-" Ethan said, but Theresa grabbed the phone.

     "Oh my God," Gwen said, jumping to conclusions.

     "Gwen, it's not what you think-" Ethan said.

     "It never is what I think, Ethan! I thought you loved me! I thought we were married." Gwen said.

     "We are married." Ethan said.

     "If we're married, then why are you still rescuing that bitch? Why are you still running off to rescue her?"

     "Gwen-" Ethan said.

     "Ethan, I don't know if I can take any more of this." Gwen said. "I'm in Paris right now." Gwen said. Gwen gave Ethan the name of the hotel.

     "Gwen, please come home, I miss you so much." Ethan said.

     "If I came home now you wouldn't be there." Gwen said.

"Gwen." Ethan said.

"Ethan," Gwen said. "If you still love me, I'll give you forty eight hours to show up at the hotel room." Gwen said. Gwen gave Ethan the address and room number. "If you do, I still love you. If not, you love Theresa. The decision is yours." Gwen hang up. Gwen left the room. Gwen walked up to Julian and Rebecca's hotel room a while later and knocked on the door a few hours later to tell her plan. Rebecca opened the door. "Gwennie, what are you doing here?" Rebecca asked.

     "I think I might loose Ethan to Theresa," Gwen said.

     "Gwen, you can't think like that. We can't let the witch win." Rebecca said. "She's completely out of her mind. She belongs in a mental institution, not with Ethan."

     "Mother,I managed to get Ethan on the cellphone." Gwen said.

     "Did you find out where he is?" Rebecca asked. Rebecca watched gwen's facial expression and threw her hands in the air impatiently. "Gwennie, you mean you went to all that trouble to call him and you didn't even ask where he was hiding terrorcita? Theresa is probably rubbing her hands all over that muscular chest and back that Ethan has, not to mention his arms..." Rebecca said.

     "Mother, please." Gwen said.

     "Ok, what did you do?" Rebecca asked.

     "I told Ethan that if he still loved me, he'd come to the hotel room." Gwen said.

     "Gwen!" Rebecca siad. "You can't just wait around!"

     "Mother, I told him that if he still loved me, I would give him forty eight hours to show up. If not, he loves Theresa." Gwen said.

     "Gwennie you could have thought of another plan- you're practically giving Theresa two days to drag Ethan into bed with her," Rebecca said. "I mean, I'm thrilled that you're giving Ethan a second chance and all, but come on, I mean wouldn't you like a more reliable plan? That's gotta be driving you insane, I mean you look exhausted trying to figure out whether Ethan still loves you or Theresa!"

     "I am exhausted." Gwen said. "I've just been feeling like I'm going to crash wondering whether Ethan still loves me or not." Gwen remembered something. "Did I just see a doctor leave when I was coming in?" Gwen asked.


David and Max watched as Eve entered the house.

"You really don't want Simone's mother having to put up with that, do you?" David asked. Max felt a twinge of guilt.

     "David, I just don't think I can go through with your plan." Max said. "It just seems so wrong."

     "Come on, Max. A few hours ago you jumped at my brilliant idea." David said.

     "David, I would have done worse things than that when I was a street kid, but I'm not a street kid anymore. Living with the Russells really has changed my life." Max said. "I can't do this to them." Max said.

     "Fine, you won't help me, you'll pay the price." David thought.


     Kay watched as Grace and Faith talked in the corner.

     "My plan is working out perfectly," Kay said. Kay jumped as a familiar mechanical noise came behind her.

     "What plan would that be?" Ivy Crane asked, wheeling up to Kay.

     "Oh no, not you again." Kay said. "Can't you find someone else's home to wreck?"

     "Yeah, yours. Now tell me what your plan is or else." Ivy said.

     "Or else what?" Kay asked.

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