Revenge Is Fair In Love ch. 9 The Nightmare Spells Continue
by lordoftheringsfan

      Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald rolled over in his sleep, turning to face his wife, Sheridan.
      "Sheridan," Luis muttered in his sleep with a smile.

      "Oh, what are we going to give Luis a nightmare about?" Cecil asked.

      "Just you wait and see," Tabitha said.

      "Speaking of seeing, I wish we could see more of him besides the sheets, he has his shirt off!" Connie remarked, her eyes fixed on the screen.

      "Hey!" Cecil said.

      "He's hot, ok?" Connie said.

      "Just wait until you see the nightmare that Nightmare is going to give them. Everyone watched as Nightmare got into Luis's dream.

      Luis walked into the kitchen to hear a woman crying.

      "Sheridan, honey, what's wrong?" Luis asked. Luis was shocked to see Beth. Beth turned around crying.

      "You're what's wrong, Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald! You just can't accept the fact that Sheridan moved on with your brother!" Beth said.

      "What are you talking about? Sheridan is my wife. I don't understand what's going on." Luis said.

      "Just watch while Nightmare plants seeds of doubt into Luis's mind," Tabitha said.

      "Remember? You came back to me after Sheridan demanded a divorce and went back to Antonio because she felt bad because she took away his happiness and he never dated anyone after her?" Beth said.

      "That never happend." Luis said. Beth thrust her hand at him to reveal a sparkling ring.

      "Oh, and you never married me!?" Beth exclaimed.

      "I didn't marry you!" Luis said. "I"m married to Sheridan!" Luis woke up startled after the nightmare. Releived to find Sheridan sleeping next to him, Luis kissed her on the cheek and then went back to sleep.

     Sheridan Lopez-Fitzgerald walked into the living room.

     "Honey, those TV dinners are ready, now we can sit back and relax after that long day of building that playground in the back yard for our kids to play on." Sheridan said.

     "Yeah, Diana, they're going to miss dinner if you dont' call them in." Antonio said.

     "Luis, what did you call me?" Sheridan asked. Antonio turned around.

     "Diana, that's your name," Antonio said.

     "Antonio, remember, I'm Sheridan Crane. What are you doing here? Why are you calling me honey, and where's Luis?" Sheridan asked. Antonio laughed, raising an eyebrow.

     "Oh, I get it, you're just joking. Luis is married to Beth, they have four kids, we're married, and the children are outside playing." Antonio said.

     Sheridan woke up with relief to see Luis sleeping next to her.

     "It was only a bad dream," Sheridan said. Sheridan turned over and went back to sleep.


     "Who are we going to scare next?" Cecil asked.

     "I say TC Russell." Tabitha asked.

     TC Russel was asleep in the Russel house.

     "Eve, honey, is breakfast ready yet?" TC asked.

     "Well, TC, maybe I haven't had time to fix breakfast because someone won't quit throwing my past in my face and taking it out on the children!" Eve said.

     "Well, maybe if there wouldn't be all of these mystery children popping up all over the place..." TC said.

     "I'm here to stay, Coach Russell." John said.

     "What's for breakfast, Eve?" A voice asked. TC turned around to see David Hastings.

     "You! Get out of my house!" TC yelled. TC attempted to punch David, but watched in astonishment as his hand went straight through him. "What the hell?"

     "Eve is right, we're here to stay." David said.

     "None of this ever would have happened if you would have listened to me and stayed away from Julian Crane at that damned party last year!" TC said.

     "Julian just kept playing that tape!" Eve said.

     "Well, you got back together with Julian, now thanks to you, our daughter is dating a drug dealer!" TC said.

     "That's former drug dealer!" Max said. "I haven't had anything on my record for a year!"

     "You're the one who walked out on me, TC!" Eve said.

     "Hey, you didn't hesitate to go back to Julian!" TC said. "You blamed Simone getting kidnapped last year on him when you were the one who went back!" TC said.

     "If Julian wouldn't have been trying to seduce me-" Eve said. "From what I heard from Agent Freeman, it sounded like you and Rebecca had a pretty hard time keeping your hands off of each other!"

     "You're the one who walked out on me!" TC said.

     "Because I thought you would never forgive me!" Eve said.

     "Eve, all of those times you lied to me! You didn't trust me to give you a chance to explain! You're my wife!" TC said.

     "When you said you would loose all respect for any woman who had a past with a man like Julian, does that sound like somoene who trusts his wife!?" Eve yelled back. "For someone who got mad at his wife, you sure had trouble staying away from Rebecca!"

     "We were forced into that witness protection program together last year because of Alastair's stupid plan to get rid of Theresa, it's not my fault she crashed into my car!" TC said. "Well, that's not my point! The point is you get mad at me over being in the same room with Liz when you jump into Julian's bed!" TC yelled.

     "When I did some thinking and found out about that whole witness protection program mess, I decided that I had to get out of that awful place and help find out daughter!" Eve said.

     "For someone who wanted to give our marraige a second chance, you sure were mad when Julian and Rebecca got back together." TC said. Whitney glared at Eve.

     "You made me think that I had slept with my own brother!" Whitney said.

     "Yeah, don't forget about David!" TC said.

     "That's right, Eve." David said.

     "Chad- John- whoever wasn't even Julian's son!" TC said.

     "TC, please give John a chance!" Eve begged. "If you want me to trust you, please do this one thing for me!" Eve begged. TC awoke.

     "Am I really taking all of my anger out on everyone like that?" TC asked. TC watched Eve sleep. "I'll talk to her in the morning," TC said, going back to sleep.


     "Where is he going next?" Tabitha asked, watching as nightmare walked into Ethan's dream.

     "It's Ethan!" Connie said.

     Ethan looked around him. He was in a church, standing at the alter. He noticed that a bride was walking down the isle, but he couldn't make out the face, while the organ played 'here comes the bride' in the background. He noticed that Gwen was sitting in the back row crying. Gwen handed Ethan signed divorce papers.

     "What am I going to do?" Ethan asked as he woke up. He looked around him, Gwen hadn't came home that night. He stared at the empty spot in the bed next to him, unable to go back to sleep.

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