Stranger In My House -Chapter 4
by lala02

A couple of hours passed since Julian brought Eve back from the hospital to the Crane Mansion with him. He didn’t have to worry about Rebecca showing up out of the blue anytime soon. That’s because she was out of the country in Europe, spending his money like spare change. The only way for him to ever know where she was, was by the bill he would receive in the mail, and how much money she spent and where she spent it.

After taking a quick shower and having a nice shave, Julian walked out of his bathroom with nothing but a towel around his waist and into bedroom to find something to wear for tonight. Changing into a pair of beige khakis and a black oxford shirt, Julian walked over to the front of his mirror, combed his hair to the back of his head, slipped on his shoes and walked out of the room down to the room that Eve was staying in. Taking a deep breath, he knocked on the door and waited until Eve replied.

“Come in.” Julian heard Eve say through the closed door.

As he walked inside of the room, he heard noise coming from inside the bathroom, so he walked over closely to the door. What he heard was beautiful singing voice of Eve, the beautiful voice that captivated him all those years ago in Boston. Hearing her sing live for the first time in years was enough to bring a smile upon his handsome face.

Inside the bathroom, Eve was making sure for the 5th time this evening that her hair was straight and her clothes were crisp. Shortly after arriving at the mansion, Eve made sure that she unpacked her belongings and placed them inside her room closet. Afterwards, she proceeded to take a nice hot bath that the maid had ran for her while she unpacking and wash her hair. The cast on her left wrist was giving her the flux as well earlier as she got dressed, but now it wasn’t a problem anymore. ‘Being in a coma for three months sure does take its toll on your hair. What am I going to do with all of this hair?!’ Eve thought with a frown on her face. So she decided to wear it parted to the right and straight down her back.

‘Finally’ she thought to herself, as she walked to open the bathroom door to enter her room. She looked in shock as soon as she opened the door, for Julian came falling pass her and onto the ground with a loud thud.

“Julian! Are you alright?” she asked him as she kneeled down beside him with a shocked look on her face.

“I’m fine my darling, I just…ummm…sorry to just drop in on you.” He said as a playful smile spread across his lips.

“Oh Julian.” Eve said as she smiled back at him.

“You look…wow Eve, you look beautiful.” He said to her as he looked at the outfit she was wearing for him tonight.

Eve was wearing a white fitted v-neck short sleeve shirt, a pair of blue fitted hip-hugger capris that came to the middle of her calf and a pair of white pumpkin seed shoes.

After a few minutes on the floor, Julian got up, dusted himself off and offered his arm to Eve, which she happily took, as the two of them left to have dinner tonight.

Eve had thought that Julian meant they were staying in to have dinner, but upon arriving downstairs to the front door, Julian told her there had been a change in plans.

“Julian I thought we were staying in for dinner?”

“Things have changed. The two of us are going to the Lobster Shack to have nice dinner and a walk in the park just as I promised.”

“Don’t you think that it is too earlier for people to see us together? Not that I’m ashamed of you or anything?” Eve said to him.

“Eve, don’t worry about what people will say. Like I told you earlier, many things have changed. One of them is that people already know about the two of us and we can’t let them frighten us from being seen together in public.”

“I’m just nervous that’s all. You’ve had the time to get familiar with the way things are now, but I haven’t. I just don’t know if I’m strong enough.”

“For once in your life, let me be strong for the both of us.”

“Alright.” She said.

Pulling into the parking lot at the Lobster Shack, Julian walked around to the passenger side door and opened it for Eve. Julian held his hand out for her and waited for her to take it. Taking a deep breath, Eve turned to him and smiled before she took his hand as they walked hand and hand into the place.

The moment the two of them entered the door, it seemed like everyone just stopped what they were doing to look at who just arrived. You could hear gasps and feel the stares directed at the two of them, as Julian squeezed her hand a little tighter to let her know that he was her strength and that everything would be all right.

Walking over to an empty table, Julian pulled the chair out for Eve to sit and when she was settled in nice and comfy, he took the seat next to her.

“Eve, don’t pay them any attention. Look at me.” Julian said to Eve as she continued to look around at all the people still staring at them.

“Look at me.” Julian said to her again, this time watching as she turned her eyes toward him.

“It’ll be alright, let's just order our food and celebrate your release from the hospital.”

“Ok.” Eve simply said to him.

Outside the Lobster Shack, Pierce and Liz watched as Eve and Julian waited for their dinner to arrive. They arrived shortly after Eve and Julian, when they happened to notice the pair from the outside window.

“I’ll be damned. The dead has arisen.” Liz said with venom in her voice.

“Don’t worry little sis, let’s just go in there and have a nice little family reunion.” Pierce said as an evil smile appeared on his face.

“No, you go on ahead. I need to clear my mind before I go in there.”

“Fine suit yourself.” He said to her before walking over to the door.

Back inside, Julian and Eve were having a nice time despite the fact that some people were still staring at them. Others had long forgotten about Eve and Julian and continued on with what they were doing earlier. Eve had finally decided to do what Julian had said all along, just ignore them and focus on the two of them together. And in doing so, she was having a good time.

“Julian this is wonderful.” Eve said with excitement in her voice.

“I know darling, just having you here with me is wonderful enough.” He said with a smile on his lips.

“Oh Julian. I don’t know how I’m ever going to repay you for being here for me.”

“I know how.” Julian said with a mischievous look in his eyes.

“Really…” Eve answered Julian with a look of her own.


“Well, what is it?”

“How about a nice thank you kiss right here on the lips?”

Eve leaned forward towards Julian’s face and right when she was about two inches close to his lips, she stopped. Julian had watched as Eve leaned closer to him and had been waiting for her lips touch his lips when she suddenly stopped. The feel of her breath on his lips was driving him crazy, so he just decided to finish what she started as his lips connected with hers. The feel of his lips on hers made Eve’s heart beat skyrocket. She didn’t know what had come over her, she just had to taste his lips since he so happily invited her to but then something stopped her a few inches from his lips. Maybe it was the fact that they were in a public restaurant about to make out or maybe it was the fact that she felt a pair of eyes on her that she just didn’t like. Whatever it was went completely out of her mind as Julian suddenly kissed like there was no tomorrow.

Eve suddenly turned her body towards Julian as well so that she could get comfortable as she felt his tongue touch her bottom lip, wanting her to open up for him. Julian felt Eve open her mouth more for him as he slipped his tongue in to taste every part of her delicious mouth. He could never get enough of her mouth or her touch, he just wanted to have and hold her for eternity. Maybe one day in the near future he would. Finally after what seemed like five minutes, they parted slowly as if to savor the feeling that kiss had caused.

“Well…that was…ummm…” Eve had tried to say something, but nothing came out.

“Speechless my dear…” Julian said with a sexy smile on his face.

“It was amazing.” She finally said.

“I thought so too beautiful, if I do say so myself.”

“And because that kiss was so amazing, I have to go fix myself up before the food arrives.” She said with a smile on her face as she got up from the table and went to the ladies restroom.

What Eve didn’t know was that Pierce was right behind her as she headed towards the restroom.

Inside the ladies restroom, Eve was looking in the mirror straightening out her clothes and fixing up whatever makeup she had on her face when someone came in and shut the door behind her. Coming to the conclusion that everything was as it should be, she turned around and came face-to-face Pierce.

“Oh my…Pierce.” Eve said in a trembling voice.

“Yes Eve, it’s me. My god… some things never change do they?” He said to Eve looking her up and down with lust and evil intent in his eyes as he began to walk towards her.

Eve began to back up each and every time he came closer to her, until she found herself up against a wall with no where to go. Pierce finally had her cornered as he placed both of his arms on each side of her and held her in place.

“Now, was it really necessary for you to run out on me like that three months ago, when I came to your home to visit?” He shouted at her. “You could’ve almost killed yourself over something so stupid.”

“What do you want? How did you find me?” Eve asked in a frightened voice.

“You know what I want.” Pierce said to Eve as he grabbed her by the arms and leaned closer to place a kiss on her lips.

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