AHHH!!! - Chapter 1 (Evian)
by bluejasmine515

~~~~This all takes place after the wedding. Eve finds Julian and comforts him, knowing how much he had just given up for her~~~~~~~~
EVE: (approaching from the doorway, she checks to make sure that nobody is watching as she slips into Julian's study, where he is sitting on his desk, his back to her) "Julian? Oh, Julian, I can't believe you actually went through with this- this mockery of a wedding, just to help me keep my past a secret..."

JULIAN: (turning to face Eve; he's talking on his cell phone, and quickly covers the mouthpiece) "Eve! My pet, I'm sorry to keep you waiting, but this is a- a rather important call. If you don't mind, my love..."

EVE: (smiling, she steps back out of the room)

JULIAN: (on the phone) "Alright, yes, yes, the wedding ceremony itself is over... So everything is legal now, yes... And just Rebecca, I don't want any casualties... Believe me, you will be compensated... Alright."

(Julian hangs up the phone, and turns back to Eve, who stands waiting in the doorway.)

EVE: "What was that all about?"

JULIAN: (smiles) "Don't you worry, Eve. Everything is going to be just fine. And I have a little confession for you. You see, I'm not completely self-less in this act; Rebecca, as tawdry as she is, does have quite a fortune in her name."

EVE: (shocked and slightly taken aback) "You- you're marrying her for her MONEY? Oh Julian..."

JULIAN: (laughing) "Oh, ggodness no, my love. Ha, A Crane, marrying for money?! That's - priceless! Ha"
(Julian regains his composure) "No, Eve, it's actually more an act of vengence; we both know that Bec's main interest in me is in my pants... my wallet, that is. (smirks slyly, knowing what all of you were thinking...) And thus the best way to 'stick it to her' is to- well, you will see soon enough, my sweet..."

Chapter 2
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