~A Beautiful Mess~ Chapter 4 Kaguel/Chadresa
by Faith81

She had always walked outside the line. That was one of the things that grabbed his attention the first time he met her. Nothing about her was simple, she was who she was and she refused to let anyone change her. Holding the small black box in his hand he smiled. He would make a life for them, a life that would make her happy.
"Hey lilíbro." A voice called as Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald snapped from his daze.
"Luis." He smiled wrapping his coat around his body as the snow fell on him.
"Mama said Kay moved into my old room, what does that mean excatly?"
Miguel frowned as he looked up at the house in front of them. "John was sick, and I didnít want her staying at her house." He shrugged. "Thatís all."
Luis nodded his head. "And that little box in you hand, is that a ring?"
Miguel sighed. "A very small ring, she deserves better, buts its all I could afford."
Luis let out a breath of relief. "So youíre going to do the right thing. I knew you wouldnít let me down Miguel."
"Iím not doing this for you, or for Mama, or Chief Bennett." Miguel spoke. "This is something I want to do, for my family. Kay and the baby, Luis they are my family now."
Luis frowned. "You do realize this is a lot for a eighteen year old guy to take on Miguel. Your job doesnít pay near enough, and Kay only works part time for her mother."
"I realize all of that." Miguel sighed. "I have a dozen applications in my car Luis. I know what I have to do, believe me Iíve gave it plenty thought."
Luis nodded his head. "Do you love her Miguel?" He suddenly questioned. "Are you in love with Kay?"
Miguel frowned. "What kind of question is that?"
"Iíd say its a pretty good one, considering the fact that your about to marry this girl."
There was confusion in Miguelís eyes as he looked up at his older brother. He missed the days when Luis could fix everything for him. When he was younger, Luis was always there, making it better. Heíd fix his broken toys, help him work his homework out, and at times keep him out of trouble with their mama. This however, wasnít a broke toy and Luis couldnít fix it. "I care about Kay." He spoke. "Iíve been attracted to that girl since she smacked me in the head with a baseball in 7th grade." He smiled. "I always wanted to go out with her, be more than just friends." He admitted. "And then, I met Charity."
"And she changed everything." Luis spoke for him.
Surprisingly Miguel shook his head. "Not everything. I never got over my attraction for Kay. Thereís just something about that girl that gets to me. She challenges me and I like it."
"Well at least you have somewhere to start." Luis smiled. "You have deep feelings for her Miguel, deeper than I realized."
"I know my feelings for Kay arenít as strong as they should be, but its a start." Miguel sighed. "Its not going to be easy the decks are stacked against us. I mean its scary, but at the same time Kay loves me so much. She sees herself as a part of our family, I mean she even calls herself Ethan Martinís aunt. We can do this Luis, we can make a marriage work, I know we can."
"I believe in you Miguel, youíre being very mature about all this. Kay is a lucky girl."
Miguel nodded his head. "And now I have to figure out how to give her this ring. When I proposed, I basically just asked. It wasnít what the mother of my child deserved bro, and I hate that."
"So figure out a way that will be special, something romantic." Luis smiled.
Miguel let out a laugh. "Kay hates romantic. I remember we use to buy each other stuff for Valentines day, and sheíd complain that the day was just another way for people to make money. She said if you love someone, you show them every day."
"Valentines should be every day." Luis agreed.
Miguelís eyes lifted as he began to smile. "You just gave me the perfect idea, but Iím going to need a lot of help."
"Name it and Iíll do what I can." Luis smiled.
Miguel smirked. "This is going to be a night Kay never forgets!"

Kay Bennett could hear the screaming from the front door as she walked into the Bennett home. She had called her father about needing a few things, and he told her John was at the doctor if she wanted to stop by. She still didnít understand why she had to leave her home so John boy could be nursed back to health, but then again she didnít question it either. The shouting became louder as she headed up the stairs. Jessicaís voice boomed loud as did Graceís.
"Mother and Jess fighting? Can it be?" She smiled.
"You canít do this!" Jessica cried as Kay finally made it up the stairs. "Please mom you canít leave."
"Jessica you are welcome to come with me." Grace spoke.
Kayís mouth dropped open when she saw the suitcases in front of her mother. "Whatís going on?" She questioned.
A shaky Jessica ran up to her sister, gripping on to Kayís arm. "Mom is leaving." She cried. "She wants to be with David. Sheís leaving daddy for him."
"What!" Kay yelled. "Youíre doing what?"
"Kay this doesnít concern you." Grace spoke just as David walked out of the bedroom with another suitcase.
"It doesnít concern me?" Kay screamed. "Youíre leaving my father for That man and you say it doesnít concern me?"
"David is my husband and I love him." Grace spoke. "Iím sure it will hurt your father, but heís a very strong man."
Kay looked over at her sister and saw the tears falling down her face. "Did you call dad?" She questioned as Jessica quickly nodded her head yes.
"Heís on his way home."
Looking up at the wall Kay saw photos of her family through the years. Her and Noah playing catch, Jessica in a halloween costume, but the one that stood out was of her father and mother. Sam held Grace in a tender embrace both smiling for the camera. Kay remembered when the photo was took, because she had told Simone that someday she would have a marriage like that. When the house went down in flames, she remembered her mother crying over that one photo. Lucky for them Eve Russell had a copy and it was put back where it belonged. Touching her stomach Kay took a deep breath.
"You canít do this." She frowned. "You canít just walk out like this."
"Kay, I am leaving with my true husband. This is the way it should be."
"What youíre going to make some happy life with David and John? Is that it mom? You plan to run off into the sunset with them? Well it isnít going to happen!"
"Excuse me!" Grace spoke giving Kay a angry look.
"Its time you knew the truth about your perfect little family mother." Kay spoke. "This life youíve made up in your head, well guess what? It isnít real. That man behind you, your husband well you never married him." Kay shouted. "And your darling son John, the one that needs you there at all times to wipe his nose, guess what? He isnít your son."
"You lying little." Grace started to speak but Kay cut her off.
"Oh no you donít." She fumed. "You have called me every name in the book for loving Miguel. Miguel a guy I have known my whole life, well the joke is on you mother. David is being blackmailed by Ivy, and from the looks of it, heís enjoying the benefits. So go ahead mom, leave with David, but heís not your husband. Your husband is on his way home from work."
Grace turned to see Davidís face turning pale. "Tell me sheís lying." She begged.
"Yeah David, tell her what a liar I am!" Kay challenged. "You canít can you? You know you and Ivy shouldíve been more careful, people do hear things in this town." Kay spoke crossing her arms.
"Grace Iím sorry." David whispered. "Iím sorry but I had to do it."
"Sheís not lying." Grace gasp, tears falling down her face. "Youíre not my husband?"
"No." David finally admitted. "Iím not."
"And John, he isnít, he isnít my son?" She cried out.
"Iím sorry Grace, but no."
Suddenly Grace turned toward Kay, her eyes wide. "Why didnít you tell me sooner? Youíve known this and you hide it from me?" She yelled.
"What? Youíre going to blame me for this too?" Kay questioned. "I didnít tell you, because at the time I didnít care." Kay admitted. "You were so caught up in this new life of yours that I figured dad deserved better anyway."
"So why bother telling me now?"
Kay lowered her head. "I donít really know." She spoke honestly. "I just couldnít let David hurt this family any longer. Daddy doesnít deserve this, and neither does Jess or Noah." She frowned.
Grace looked up at David, "Get out of my house." She commanded. "Get out and donít ever come back."
"Maybe you should go with him." A voice suddenly boomed from the stairs. Grace gulped as she saw Sam standing at the stairs.
"Sam." She whispered.
"Daddy!" Jessica cried running to her father as he wrapped his arms around her.
"Its okay baby." He whispered looking back up at Grace. "I heard everything." He spoke. "I was downstairs and I heard it all. I was right all along about that man and you refused to listen." He spoke his tone harsh. "If you love him so much Grace, go after him."
"No, Sam, no." Grace whimpered.
"I refuse to be second best to a man like that." Sam told his wife. "Just leave Grace, youíve already ruined everything I hold dear." He swallowed tears brimming in his eyes.
Grace nodded her head, and without a word she picked up a single suitcase and walked past Kay, her eyes never leaving those of her husbandís.
"Iím sorry Sam." She whimpered. "Iím sorry."
Sam lowered his head his eyes staring at the floor as Grace slowly walked down the stairs.
The door slammed shut suddenly and Sam looked up at Kay. "You should have told me sooner young lady." He frowned.
"I know daddy." Kay spoke wiping tears from her eyes. "Believe me I know."

Theresa felt numb as she walked into her motherís house. Ethan had been the center of her world for so long, she wasnít sure what she was suppose to do now.
"T, Ethan Martin is sleeping." Chad smiled walking out of the bedroom. "Your mom said heís been asleep for awhile."
"Yeah, okay." She nodded her eyes just staring ahead, almost as if she was in a trance.
"Girl are you okay? Are you worried about telling Pilar? Because we can wait."
"No its not that." Theresa spoke looking up. "Its just that now that I see Ethan for who he truly is, I have no idea what to do next."
"Oh, I get it."
"Iíve been dreaming of him all my life, and instead of a dream, its turned into a nightmare. I even named my son after that man." She frowned. "You know I should change his name, I mean what if he turns out like him?"
"Theresa, Ethan Martin isnít going to grow up to be Ethan." Chad smiled wrapping his arm around her waist. "Besides, heís already way smarter." He teased forcing a laugh from her lips. "You should do something youíve always wanted. Why not go back to school?"
"School?" She questioned. "But I have the baby now."
"So? Women go to college all the time and raise children. You could do it Theresa."
"Well Harmony does have a pretty good college." She smiled. "And Iíd love to take some art classes."
"And you have the Crane money backing you now." Chad reminded her. "Put it to good use."
"Do you really think I could handle college? I mean its been so long since Iíve been in school."
Chad smiled. "I think you can do whatever you set your mind to Theresa. Youíre a determined person when you want something."
"Iíll give it some thought." Theresa agreed.
"Theresa, where were you last night?" Pilarís voice sounded as she walked into the living room. "I was worried crazy over you."
Theresa frowned. "Mama, I have something I need to tell you."
Pilar looked in her daughterís eyes as a frown plastered her face. "What have done now?" She accused. "If you did something to change Ethanís mind Theresa, itíll backfire on you. When are you going to learn your lesson?"
Rolling her eyes Theresa smirked as she looked at Chad. He could see her eyes dancing and it worried him. His wife was up to something.
"Mama I finally figured out how to get rid of Gwen! Last night I locked her in the basement of the Crane Mansion. That will give me plenty time to make Ethan mine!" She giggled. "You should have heard her mama, screaming and begging me to let her out. I mean jeez I did throw in some bread and water."
Chad couldnít help but snicker as he looked at the horrific look Pilar had on her face.
"Theresa, what have you done?" Pilar shrieked. "Have you lost your mind."
Theresa began to laugh. "Thank you mama for the vote of confidence. I was joking, I havenít touched Gwen. Sheís perfectly healthy, as is her no good boyfriend." Looking back up at Chad, Theresa smiled. "Iíve learned my lesson when it comes to Ethan. Heís a coward and a loser and Iím better off without him. What I have to tell you, has nothing to do with him at all."
"Oh Theresa! Does that mean youíve finally gave up your crazy ideas of being a Crane?"
"Nope." Theresa smiled. "In fact last night I married one." She spoke.
"You did what?" Pilar shouted. "Theresa, please tell me you and Julian didnít get remarried!"
"Uh no." Theresa frowned. "Why would I do something like that? Your son-in-law is standing right here in front of you Mama. I married Chad, Chad Crane."
Before Theresa could speak again Pilar slapped her hand onto her forehead and began to speak in Spanish. Theresa let out a gasp as the words flung from her motherís mouth.
"Whatís she yelling?" Chad questioned looking down at Theresa.
Theresa swallowed. "I canít repeat it." She frowned. "In fact I donít think you want me too."

Kay wiped her eyes as she stared into the Book Café. All the lights were off, and no one seemed to be inside, yet Miguel had called her just minutes ago to meet him there. She pulled at the door, and surprisingly it opened. Her eyes widened when she saw what was in front of her. Candles lined the enter place, and up on the wall a huge sign huge read, ĎHappy Valentines Dayí. Roses sat on one table, and red and white hearts were everywhere as she saw Miguel standing in the corner a smile on his face and a single white rose in hand.
"Everyday should be Valentines, isnít that what you once said?" He questioned as tears of happiness began to stream down Kayís face.

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