~A Beautiful Mess~ Chapter 3 Chadresa/Kaguel
by Faith81

There was madness in the Crane mansion as Theresa stood facing off with Ivy. Julian and Chad had came in the room, as well as Rebecca.
"I am not leaving this house!" Ivy yelled.
Theresa stood tall as she looked at Ivy. "Thatís what you think!"
"Theresa what on earth!" A voice suddenly cried out.
She stepped back and swallowed as she looked up the stairs to see Ethan walking down, Gwen clinging to his arm.
"Ethan." She frowned.
"What is going on in here?" He asked.
"Theresa is trying to kick me out of the mansion!" Ivy yelled. "Tell her she canít do that Ethan, tell her!"
Ethan smiled. "Of course she canít mother, she doesnít even live here."
"Actually my boy, she does." Julian spoke stepping forward.
"What?" Gwen and Ethan both spoke at the same time.
"You heard him." Theresa smirked. "I live here now, with my son, and my husband."
She heard Rebecca and Gwen gasp, and then she heard Ethan laugh. He let out a large laugh as he looked over at her. "Husband?" He spoke. "Theresa youíre too funny. You know your not married to Julian any longer."
Chad walked over to Theresa and frowned. "That isnít the husband she was talking about Ethan."
"Chad is my husband." Theresa spoke forcing a smile. "I told you I might make it to the alter before you."
Again Gwen gasp, and again Ethan laughed. "You and Chad? You expect me to believe you married Chad? Theresa thatís crazy."
"No Ethan, its true." Chad answered him back. "We got married last night."
Gwen glanced down as the light reflected off Theresaís wedding band. "Ethan." She whispered. "Theyíre not lying, Theresa has on a wedding ring."
Theresa saw Ethanís face fall, and then he went pale. "No." He muttered. "This makes no sense."
Gwen held on to Ethanís arm as her on frown came into view. Fear showed in her eyes as she glanced from Theresa and then back to Ethan. "Ethan sheís married." Gwen spoke. "Let it go, please."
For the first time ever Theresa saw herself in Gwen Hotchkiss. The fear in Gwenís eyes was so familiar as she watched Ethan shake his head no. Ethan was hurt by Theresaís marriage and Gwen was hurt by his actions. For some reason even she didnít understand Theresa felt for Gwen. She felt bad for as she realized what Ethan had really done to both of them.
"Ethan, youíre with Gwen now." Theresa spoke. "She is having your child."
"Yeah but why did you marry Chad? You donít love him Theresa, I know you donít because you still love me. You said youíd always love me!" Ethan spouted.
Tears formed in Gwenís eyes as she let go of Ethanís arm. "Ethan stop it." She begged.
"I agree with Gwen, let it go Ethan." Theresa spoke looking up at Chad. "I have my life to live, and you have yours. My life, its with Chad and my son, it doesnít involve you any longer."
"How can you say that? Theresa how could you do this?" Ethan yelled.
Theresa saw tears forming in Gwenís eyes and she frowned. "Thatís enough Ethan. I donít have to explain my actions to you or anyone else."
"I think I have a right to know!" Ethan demanded.
Theresa moved away from Chad as fire flashed in her eyes. "You have no rights to me what so ever!" She suddenly spoke. "How dare you do this Ethan, how dare you come in here and act like I owe you anything! Look at Gwen, look at what youíre doing to her, what youíve done to both of us! What kind of man goes out and buys a ring for two women and has no idea which one to give it to? When you buy a engagement ring for a woman, you know its for her, and no one else."
"I canít believe youíre speaking to me this way." Ethan frowned.
Theresa let out a heavy sigh. "Listen at yourself Ethan! I canít believe I didnít see this sooner. Youíre a idiot Ethan, a true idiot. I canít even stand the sight of you any longer." She frowned. "Youíve done enough damage to me to last a life time."
"Ethan, I think its time that you and Gwen found a place to live." Julian suddenly spoke up. "With Chad and Theresa staying here until they find a home, you being here would just complicate things."
"Pookie!" Rebecca yelled. "You canít throw my baby out!"
"Actually Rebecca, Iím throwing you and Ivy out as well." Julian smirked. "Its time I take back my home!"
"But you love me Pookie!" Rebecca squealed.
"No, I love Eve Russell, Iíve always loved Eve." He admitted.
"No!" Rebecca fumed, crossing her arms and stomping her feet. "You love me, and youíre going to marry me!"
"Wrong." Julian sighed. "You want me for my money Rebecca, and darling, youíre not going to get it!"
"You canít do this." Ivy frowned. "You canít just make us leave. Where will we go?"
"Frankly, I donít care." Julian smiled. "I just want you out of my hair!"
"But, this is my home, I like it here." Ethan pouted.
"Your home?" Julian laughed. "My boy, this is my home."
"Ethan its okay, weíll just stay with daddy for a couple weeks until I find us a place." Gwen frowned.
"But I donít wanta leave." Ethan frowned.
"Oh grow up Ethan!" Theresa yelled. "Youíre acting like a two year old who doesnít want a time out!"
"You know what? If you want us out, then fine!" Ethan frowned turning to Gwen. "Come on lets go."
Gwen lowered head. "Iím not going with you Ethan."
"What?" He questioned.
"I said." Gwen paused looking back up at him. "Iím not going with you Ethan. Iím not even sure I want to marry you now." She frowned. "After today I donít know what I want." She whispered pushing past him as she stormed out of the mansion.
"What did I do to her?" Ethan questioned looking around. Then frowning she ran his fingers through his hair. "I guess I better go after her." He mumbled as he walked out of the room in somewhat of a daze.
Ivy groaned. "Theresa is right, my son truly is a idiot."
"Heís the king of all idiots!" Rebecca agreed. "Hurting my baby like that!" Turning to Julian, Rebecca slapped her hands on her hips. "And You!" She growled. "I wonít let you get away with this." She spoke. "You will marry me, you will be my pookie for life."
Julian threw his arms in the air. "Oh for crying out loud, will you please stop the Pookie nonsense? It was annoying from day one Rebecca. Just go pack your bags and get out!"
Theresa, Chad and Julian watched as Ivy and Rebecca left the room.
"Well that was interesting." Chad smiled as he looked over at Theresa. A frown was plastered on her face as she looked at the door Ethan had just walked out of. "Theresa are you okay?" He asked as she turned around to face him. He expected to see tears falling down her face but instead complete anger had took their place.
"I have wasted how many years on that pathetic excuse of a man?" She questioned crossing her arms. "I must have lost my mind completely. Do you realize what I gave up for him? I graduated top in my class only to give up a college education to chase after him! Look at me Chad! Look at what Iíve become because of him."
"Iím sorry girl." Chad frowned. "But believe me I know how you feel. I put my music on hold for the longest because of Whitney. I threw my morals away just so I could lie to her family about our Ďsecret romance." He grunted.
"So weíve both been stupid is that what youíre saying?" Theresa questioned.
"Hey I ainít about to call you stupid. I saw the way you went at Ethan, and I donít want none of that." Chad smirked.
"Theresa my dear." Julian spoke up. "I believe you found your backbone." With a smug smile he stood tall. "You just might make it as a Crane after all."

Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald opened the door to his home, to hear music blasting throughout the house.

Walking into Luisís old room he smirked as he leaned against the door, watching the scene in front of him. Kay was facing the window, holding Ethan Martin in her arms. She was doing her best to dance to the beat of the music, while Ethan Martin giggled wildly.

(Iím gonna getcha)
Iím gonna getcha while I gotcha in sight
(Iím gonna getcha)
Iím gonna getcha if it takes all night
(Yeah, you can betcha)
You can betcha by the time I say "go," youíll never say "no"
(Iím gonna getcha)
Iím gonna getcha, itís a matter of fact
(Iím gonna getcha)
Iím gonna getcha, donítcha worry Ďbout that
(Yeah, you can betcha)
You can bet your bottom dollar, in time youíre gonna be mine
Just like I should Ė Iíll getcha good

Miguel held back his laugher as Kay lifted Ethan Martin higher as she did some sort of twisting move. He could remember when they were younger and heíd make fun of Kayís dancing. She had never quite got it down, but then again she never had cared. This was the Kay he remembered dancing in front of him. Only now she was carrying his child inside of her. He had spoke the words out loud many times, but it still didnít seem real. He was going to be a father, and Kay, his best friend would be the mother. In his mind he knew he had to get over his fear and move on. He was going to marry Kay, and love her and his child. Their child wouldnít be a mistake, and he wouldnít allow their marriage to be a farce. They were young, and so many things seemed to be against them, but heíd find a way, he had to.

Iíve already planned it Ė hereís how itís gonna be
Iím gonna love you and Ė youíre gonna fall in love with me
Yeah, yeah

The song blared as Kay sang along with it. Miguel couldnít help but smile as he watched her. He couldnít remember the last time he had saw Kay so happy. She bounced to the music tickling Ethan Martin as she sang, making goofy faces at the baby.

Oh, yeah
So, donít try to run Ė honey, love can be fun
Thereís no need to be alone Ė when you find that someone

Making a quick turn she spun around with the baby close to her chest only to see Miguel standing watching her. He expected her to turn red and turn the music off quickly, but to his surprise she just kept dancing. Dancing toward him she smiled as she picked up the remote and turned the music off.
"Hey!" She greeted him.
"Hey yourself." He laughed. "You know I had almost forgot just how bad you dance." He teased.
Kay rolled her eyes. "Like you can do better."
"But I can." He grinned taking Ethan Martin from her. "You know he really likes you."
"Well I am his aunt." She smiled.
"Yeah but he cries with a lot of people. Youíre good with him Kay."
Kay kissed Ethan Martin on the forehead. "Heís a good baby. Weíve been having all kinds of fun today."
"Whereís mama at?" Miguel questioned.
"She went to pick up a few things, groceryís and such. So, I spent the day with Ethan Martin, and I cleaned the house."
"You cleaned?" Miguel smirked.
"What? I can do it." Kay nodded. "I washed clothes, cleaned up your very messy room, and feed Ethan Martin."
"You cleaned my room?" Miguel questioned. "Does that mean I can see the floor now?" He asked.
"The floor and the bed." Kay nodded. "Its amazing, I forgot what color the carpet was with all those clothes in the floor."
"What did you do with the clothes?" He questioned.
"Washed them. Two loads of just your clothes." She laughed.
"You must be tired." He frowned. "Shouldnít you be resting?"
"Actually I have a load of clothes in the dryer. I need to check on those." She spoke moving past Miguel.
"Kay, you need to relax." Miguel sighed. "Take it easy."
Turning around she smiled. "Miggs, Iím pregnant not dying. Iím okay really."
"I just donít want you to work too hard." He frowned. "I know you want to help out, but you need to rest."
"Miggs Iím fine, really."
Miguel smiled. "So would you feel up to dinner tonight? Just me and you."
Kayís eyes widen. "A real date?" She questioned.
Miguel nodded his head. "I thought we should have at least one before we get married."
"Yeah, it would be good I guess." Kay smiled. "Like a real couple."
"Kay." Miguel sighed. "I want this to work. I want us to work."
Kay nodded her head. "It will."
"How can you be so sure?" Miguel questioned. "Arenít you scared."
Kay laughed. "Iíve loved you most of my life Miguel. Of course Iím scared, but I know in my heart this is the right thing." Pausing her eyes met his. "Even if your not sure about it yet."
"Your something else Kay Bennett." Miguel smiled shifting Ethan Martin to his side. "Something very special."

Hope you enjoyed.. Song lyrics Shaina Twain,'I'm gonna getcha good' This was a fun chapter to write.. And I hope you enjoy it.. THanks so much for reading..

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