AHHHH!!! - Chapter 3 (Evian)
by bluejasmine515

In case you haven't figured it out yet, this story's main goal is to finally get the characters together, by whatever means necessary, to bring back a little bit of the old Julian, and to make fun of random characters and their many quirks... enjoy!

BTW: I don't watch DOOL; I wish I could, but I don't have the time. I did, however, catch a few snippets of today's eppy, and I have limited info on the Salem Stalker Story. If I screw up, just let me know. If you like the story (or don't, or whatever) please tell me what you think! Thanks!

EVE: (being the wonderful town doctor that she is, she decided to check to see if Rebecca is really dead. And being the logical, realistic woman that she also is, she thus kicks the pest until she really is dead... not that she had that far to go.) "I'm sorry to announce that the, um... bride... is dead. I'm so sorry Julian..." (stated with a sly smile. After all, nobody's really sorry that she's dead. Well, except for-)

GWEN: "MOTHER, NOOOO!!!!! Now how will I recieve unsolicited advice about my love life?"

ETHAN: "There, there, Gwen, there's nothing I can do... or want to do... or feel like doing..."

Random Therethan fan: "*cough cough* except for Theresa...*cough*"

Random Gwethan fan: "Shut- up! He's trying to comfort her!"


(Sam decides to do a police report, since he's bored and wants to use his brand new Chief Of Police Pen that he got for Christmas)

SAM: "So, was the victim murdered?"

HANK: (pouting because he didn't get anything even remotely police-like for Christmas... just another stupid reindeer tie...)"Uh, sure, why not."

(standing over the scene) "Uh, I think she was, officer... there's a gunshot wound, and.... oh, sorry." (continues on his way)


JULIAN: (waiting outside of the mansion)"Where IS that little-"


JULIAN:(smiling like the old Julian used to) "Well done, my friend... your money will be wired into your bank account in Salem, and I thank you again."

(Figure shakes Julian's hand and turns to leave.)

JULIAN: "Oh, and by the way, here- (hands the killer a gift certificate to the Book-Cafe)- feel free to kill any crazy women you find in there. And try the pie, it's excellent!"

(Figure smiles {although it's not like we should be able to see it, since his face is diabolically covered} and makes his way to the Book-Cafe, to murder any crazed and bitter woman he finds there, pining away for a man that she cannot have...

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