Stranger In My House -Chapter 12
by lala02

Chapter twelve

Julian was waiting upstairs patiently in his room, on his bed, just like Eve asked him too. He wondered what she had in mind and he kept on going over and over in his head trying to figure out what it was. Sitting up on his bed for so long had his back kind of hurting, so he kicked off his shoes, loosened his shirt and fell back on the bed to relax.

Ten minutes passed as Eve quietly opened Julian’s bedroom door, and stepped in before closing it softly. She looked over at him, as he lay with his hands behind his head, his shirt partly open reveling his smooth chest and his bare feet folded over each other. Eve quietly walked over to Julian and kneeled down beside him. Inching closer to his lips, she smiled a little, before placing a soft kiss on them.

Julian opened his eyes slowly after Eve pulled back from the kiss she gave him. He was mesmerized by the way she was looking at him with so much love and affection. Sitting up a little, Julian slowly pulled Eve up from her kneeling position on the side of his bed and stood up completely from the bed in front of her.

“So is this my surprise dear?” he said in a husky voice.

“Only part of it, the best is yet to come.” Eve said seductively as she placed another kiss on his mouth. “Lie down.”

Julian did as she asked and got a chance to see what she was wearing. Eve was standing to the side of Julian in a black robe that was tied up and had a lecherous smile on her face. Ever slowly, she untied the front of the robe. She pulled it down only a little, just to show off her silky smooth shoulders and then winked at him, before letting the robe fall down completely on the floor revealing a wonderful site to Julian. By the expression on his face, Eve knew that he loved it. Julian’s eyes skimmed all over Eve’s body, as she stood before him completely nude in all her glory.

“Oh my god…” he said breathlessly.

“You like?” Eve said in a breathless voice also. He nodded then stood back up from the bed and moved close to her again.

Eve suddenly grabbed his right hand and placed it on her left breast, while looking him straight in the eyes. Julian loved how her breast felt in his hand, and squeezed it softly, earning a soft moan from Eve. Hearing her moan the way she did, Julian pulled Eve to his body then slowly leaned down without hesitation and kissed her passionately on the lips. As they kissed, Eve found the remaining buttons on his shirt, and within a matter on seconds she had it off. Now here they were, chest to chest, as Julian picked her up and laid her on the bed softly, never breaking their kiss. Moving from her lips, Julian nibbled his way down her jaw line to her neck as he slowly nipped at the little vein that was pulsing from where his lips were before heading farther down to the slope of her breast.

“Oh Julian…” Eve moaned out loud.

Julian was taking his time as he continued to work his mouth from breast to breast, not wanting to neglect either mound for too long. Working his way back up to her mouth, he kissed her with so much love and passion, that he never wanted this night to end. Eve held onto Julian shoulders as he licked her bottom lip for entrance, and she obliged as his tongue met hers and an all out war for dominance began.

Eve was losing her patience at how slow and torturous Julian’s pace was. She had been planning this moment since that time they were interrupted by her alarm clock, and she couldn’t wait any longer, she had to have to him. With her mind made up, she pushed Julian off of her with so much force that it startled him, and he didn’t know what the hell had just happened. He was about to ask her if he did anything wrong when she straddled his waist and took control of the moment holding him down on the bed as she started kissing and nibbling on his chest the way he did her.

“Impatient are we?” Julian said as he struggled to breathe.

“Very.” Eve said with a devilishly sexy grin on her face as she worked to get his pants off of him and onto the floor fast.

“God Eve… whatever has come over you, I love it.”

“I knew you would. I’ve been wanting to do this for a very, very long time.”

In a matter of minutes, Julian’s pants and boxers were on the floor and Eve was back to kissing him with reckless abandonment. Julian was so turned on by the way Eve was acting, that before he knew what he was doing, he had flipped them over so that he was on top and she was at the bottom. The sudden movement had caught Eve off guard, she shrieked and grabbed onto Julian’s shoulders and held on tightly. Julian smirked a little before removing her hands from his shoulders and placing them both over her head. He couldn’t wait any longer, he was ready for her but before he did anything, he looked her in the eyes as if asking for permission and when she smiled and nodded, that was all he needed to know. Positioning himself between her legs, in one swift movement he entered her and they both moaned out in satisfying bliss before Julian started a slow and sensuous pace. He continued to take his time as he put her needs before his, and when she asked him to go faster, he did just that.

Out in the hallway, all you could hear was the screaming and moaning of two people giving into each other desires and the backboard of the bed banging into the wall. That went on for about three more hours, before it suddenly became really quiet.

Three days had passed after Julian and Eve made love for the first time in over twenty years. And in those three days, they were like to two horny teenagers, they just couldn’t get enough of each other. Eve was in her office and about to head out on her runs, when a pair of strong arms pulled her back through the door and closed it.

“Julian…you know I have to go.” Eve said in between moans as Julian was kissing and nipping at the side of her neck.

“I know but I need you right now.” Julian said as he turned Eve around and pressed her up against the door.

Julian quickly raised Eve’s skirt up to her waist, pulled off her panties and loosened his pants, letting them fall to the floor as he entered her quickly from behind up against the door. Moving her hair to the left side of her neck, Julian went back to work on the right side as he slowly moved inside of her. Eve was moaning so loud that anybody could’ve heard her outside of her office and down the hall, but she didn’t care. Julian grabbed both of Eve’s hands in his and placed both on each side of her head and held them there as he continued sucking and nibbling on her neck enticing another loud moan from Eve before thrusting one last time spilling in his seed deep inside of her. Resting his head on her shoulder, Julian struggled to catch his breath as Eve moved both of his arms and place them around her waist.

“You…know…this is…” Julian tried to speak while catching his breath.

“Julian…” Eve said in a tired voice.


“At this rate, you’ll cause us both to have heart attacks.”

“And we don’t want that do we?” he said in a husky voice and smirked.

“Oh no, not at all.” Eve said laughing softly. After fixing up their appearances, Julian kissed Eve softly on the lips before they both went their separate ways.

Today was the last day of the week and Duke realized that Alistair had not kept his promise. This made him angry and it hurt him to know that his own father would not live up to his promise, so he decided to give him a visit. Putting on his jacket, he walked over to his front door and opened it. Stepping outside, he ran into Devin who was coming to see him.

“What the hell you doing here boy?” Duke spat.

“I came for more answers about your past and my mother’s.”

“I told you everything already!”

“You’re lying! You’re story doesn’t make any sense! Who the hell are you really?!” Devin shouted at Duke and went to grab him when a car came speeding towards them and opened fire.

It all happened in slow motion, as he went to grab his father, and bullets started flying pass his head. He dropped to the ground really hard and covered his head as best as he could and when it was all over, he got up and went to go check on his father. Devin walked over to where Duke was and called out to him but got no answer. Kneeling down, Devin rolled his father over and his breathe hitched in his throat. Duke was bleeding all over the place and Devin started to panic.

“Dad! Dad! Are you alright?!” Devin said frantically and checked to see if he felt a pulse. He felt a faint one and reached into his jacket pocket to get his phone and dialed 911.

Alistair was sitting down at his desk in the den of the Crane mansion, when he got a phone call.

“Is it done?” he asked.

“Yeah boss, all taken care of.” An unknown man said to Alistair over the phone.

“You’ll get your money in two days. It’s nice doing business with you.”

“You too Mr. Crane.” The man said then hung up the phone.

Alistair then walked over the mini bar and poured himself a drink. Little did he know that Duke had survived and his days were numbered.

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