Stranger In My House -Chapter 5
by lala02

Chapter five

Eve began struggling to get away from Pierce as he continued to kiss her while holding her close to his body. Tears started falling down her face as she tried to free one of her arms. Finally being able free her left arm after minutes of struggling, Eve whipped her arm back as far as she could then without warning swung it back towards the side of Pierce's head. Moments later, Pierce was on the ground out cold as Eve hurried over to door and made her exit.

Meanwhile, Julian was still sitting at the table waiting for Eve to return. Their food had arrived just minutes after she left, and he was beginning to wonder if something had happened to her. 'Eve, what is taking you so long? Surely it doesn't take this long to fix yourself up.' Julian thought. He was about to leave and head her way when Liz suddenly appeared out of nowhere blocking his way.

"Julian what a surprise seeing you here and I see this time you brought the walking dead with you." Liz said to Julian in a sarcastic voice.

"Look I really don't have the time to be dealing with someone like you, so just leave me in peace." Julian said to Liz as he turned to look for any sign of Eve coming back from the restroom.

"I'm here with someone having dinner just like you. This is a public place and I don't have to go anywhere." Liz said to Julian as she folded her arms in front of her.

"And who may I ask are you having dinner with? T.C.?" Julian asked Liz curiously while he was still looking for Eve.

"No, my brother Pierce."

"Since when did you all of a sudden have a brother?"

"I've always had a brother. He left a few years before Eve did."

"I wonder why Eve never told me." Julian said to himself.

"Maybe you should ask her now." Liz said as she pointed over his shoulder to Eve making a run for the door.

"What the hell?! Eve!" Julian said as he went chasing after Eve.

Eve was running full speed as she race out of the Lobster Shack. As she ran pass, many of the people in the restaurant stopped what they were doing again to see what was going on. It wasn't until Eve was outside and about to turn the corner of the restaurant that Julian finally caught up with her.

Julian grabbed Eve by her shoulders and instantly, her whole body started to shake profusely. Julian thought that he had did something wrong and was about to apologize, when Eve suddenly did something that totally caught Julian off guard…she turned around and blindly slugged Julian upside the head with the cast on her left arm.

Somewhat dazed and confused, Julian stumbled back a little bit. When Eve turned around on him so suddenly, he caught a quick glimpse at the frightened look in her eyes, before she hit him. Julian seeing that Eve was about to take off again called out to her "Eve…" before everything went black.

Meanwhile, after seeing Eve run out of the Lobster Shack the way she did and Julian running after her, Liz started to get this funny feeling that was nagging her in the back of her mind and it had something to do with Pierce. Sure enough the three of them were once very close, just like siblings should be at one point in their lives, but then something happened that day when Pierce asked her to leave so that he could speak to Eve alone. That’s when things turn for the worst.


Liz was in Eve's room like always listening to jazz music with her sister, whenever their parents weren't around. They would listen to jazz for hours and even do each other's hair too. Things that normal sisters always did together. And like always, Liz was telling Eve that her becoming a jazz singer was a waste of time.

"Eve, will you give it a rest? Mom and dad are not going to let you become a jazz singer. They say that jazz is the devil’s music." Liz told her big sister.

"What do they know Liz, huh? I'll tell you, nothing. They can't stop me from following my dream to become a jazz singer. I won't let them." Eve said as she walked over to her dresser and folded her arms.

"Eve, why can't you just become a doctor or a lawyer like mom and dad want? Why?"

"You just don't get it at all Liz. I just…" Eve never got the chance to finish as Pierce started banging on her bedroom door.

Earlier the two of them were doing each other's hair again and in the process, the room was in disarray. So while Pierce was at the door, the two of them started cleaning up the mess they had made as fast as they could. Hearing Pierce calling out to them again, Eve turned her radio off and Liz opened the door.

Pierce walked into the room and leaned against the wall to his left.

"What do you want Pierce?" Eve asked her older brother as she turned her back to him.

"I just want to talk to you, is that too much to ask little sis?" Pierce asked her.

Liz watched as Eve and Pierce spoke to one another. She had been so into them, that she didn't really hear what Pierce had just said to her. So she just replied as best she could.

"Sure. I'll be in the living room Eve if you need me." Liz said as she left them to talk closing the door behind her.

Liz went into the living room, sat on the couch and began to watch some television. As she was watching her favorite cartoon, she heard some shouting coming from Eve's room. So she got off of the couch, slowly and as quietly as she could, and walked into the hall to listen to what was going on.

She couldn't clearly hear what was being said, but she knew she heard Eve yelling at Pierce. She heard some footsteps coming towards the closed door and quietly went back into the living room. Minutes later, Pierce came into the living room with this huge hand print on the side of his face and sat next to Liz on the couch.

"What happened to your face Pierce?!" Liz asked her brother curiously.

"Nothing, Eve is just mad at me, that's all. Everything will be fine in no time." He told Liz as he pulled her close and watched cartoons with her.

{Flashback Ends}

But everything between Eve and Pierce was never the same again. Liz would ask Eve what happened and why she hit Pierce, but all Eve would tell her was nothing. And the more times she would ask Eve, the more times Eve said nothing. Eve stopped hanging out with her and Pierce too, and she even distanced herself from the family. Soon after the incident, Pierce moved out and two years later, Eve started college and became a nightclub singer at the Blue Note in Boston, leaving Liz home by herself. And the rest is history.

Finally coming to her senses, Liz decided to go to the restroom to see for herself what in the world would cause Eve to run out the way she did because whatever or whoever it was, she was going to gladly thank them.

Inside the lady's restroom, Pierce began to stir. 'What the hell happened to me?!' He thought to himself as he slowly began to stand up. He didn't know how long he was out, all he knew was that his head was throbbing. Finally able to stand up on his own feet, he walked over the door and walked out. Just as he was walking through the hall, he saw Liz up ahead coming his way.

"Pierce, what the hell?! Who did this to you?" Liz asked him as she took hold of his right arm and put it over her shoulder.

"I was walking to the restroom when I ran into Eve. We kind of argued and she hit me on the side of my head with her cast." Pierce told Liz lying through his teeth. He couldn't just up and tell her he ravished “their” sister in the lady's restroom, now could he?

"What is the matter with her? This is the second time that she has hit you, so come on, tell what the hell happened between you two that day years ago?"

"Nothing. So can you just take me back home, my head is killing me." He said changing the subject as quickly as he could.

Back outside around the corner of the Lobster Shack, Eve held Julian's head in her lap as she wiped some of blood away from his face. She didn't mean to hit him at all, but she thought that he was Pierce, coming after her again. She didn't know she had even hit him until he called out her name before falling to the ground hard. Since then, she had been holding his head in lap as tears from her encounter with Pierce continued falling down her face.

Closing her eyes to try and make the tears go away, Eve suddenly felt movement in her lap as she opened her eyes and looked down to see Julian looking right up into her brown orbs.

"Julian…” was all Eve could get out as her voice broke.

"Eve… it's nothing. I'm fine." Julian said to her as he lifted his right hand to her face to wipe away the tears flowing from her eyes.

"I’m so sorry. It's just that… I thought you were him."

"Him who?" he asked with concern in his voice.

"My…my brother Pierce."

"I don't understand…"

"I'll tell you everything in the morning, but first we have to get back to the mansion so that I can look at your eye better. Can you stand up?"

Julian nodded his head as he sat up slowly off of Eve's lap and waited for her to get up off of the ground. When she was up, she held her hand out to him as he took it and carefully stood up.

"Julian I truly am sorry." Eve said to him again.

"It's ok." Julian reassured her with a smile across his face as the two of them walked over to where the car was and drove back home.

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