Stranger In My House -Chapter 22
by lala02

Chapter twenty-two

Two days later, Julian was in his room lying on his bed at the mansion waiting for the investigator to call him. Fox had insisted that he come and get some rest while they waited for news on Devin and Eve. But Julian didn’t want to, so Fox had to threaten him. Fox said that if he didn’t get some rest, he was taking him back to the hospital and he would make sure that he had a guard guarding his room twenty-four seven, so Julian gave up.

Fox had taken care of everything, and just like he promised he called the Russell girls and told them what he did. He even offered for them to move into the mansion with him and his dad until their mom and brother was found. He really didn’t expect them to take him up on his offer, but they did. And so now, Fox, Whitney, Julian and Simone were all staying at the mansion.

Back upstairs in his room, Julian was just about to dose off, when his cell phone rang. He got up as quickly as he could and grab his phone off the dresser.


“Yeah, it’s me Mr. Crane.” Robert said.

“Did you find her?”

“Yeah, I found her in Michigan, in Detroit. She’s been there for about a week now.”

“Thank you. You don’t know how much this means to me.” Julian said as he smiled softly.

“No problem Mr. Crane. I gotta go. I hope you get the answers you’re searching for.” Robert said then hung up.

Julian couldn’t believe it, she had been found in Michigan. He had to tell Fox and the girls right away. With that in mind, he walked slowly and carefully out of his room, down the stairs and found them in the kitchen eating.

“Mr. Crane, you shouldn’t be up. You’re not well enough.” Simone panicked.

Julian smiled at her, then looked at Whitney and Fox.

“The investigator I had look for Liz found her. She’s in Michigan.” Julian said.

“That’s good to hear. So what are we gonna do?” Fox asked him.

“Well, I was thinking that maybe I could go by myself and force her to tell me where Eve and Devin are being kept.” Julian said seriously.

“Oh no, I’m coming with you. That bitch will tell me where my mother and brother are.” Whitney sneered.

“Whitney’s right, that bitch is going down.” Simone said also.

This time of year, Detroit was freezing cold and there really wasn’t anything to do, as Liz continued to walk around until she stopped in front of church. She couldn’t sleep, and she could barely eat anything… The images of that night had being haunting her daily. She couldn’t live with what she did, and now she even realized that what she did to her sister was wrong.

She slowly walked into the church and looked around carefully. She was getting this creepy feeling like someone was watching her but she just shrugged it off and walked over to the confession booth. She sat and waited for a priest to enter the booth, two minutes passed and then she heard the priest come in.

“What ails you my child?” the priest said.

“Forgive me father for I have sinned. This is the first and may be my last time to get everything I out in the open.

“I see. Continue…”

“I have hated my older sister Eve for a very long time. I hated her so much that I helped this man kidnapped her son, my only nephew. I wanted her to suffer just like I suffered. And then recently I killed a man in cold blood. I can’t eat, I can’t sleep.” Liz said as her voice broke and she sobbed uncontrollably.

“Why did you take that man’s life?”

“He was the one that I helped kidnap my nephew. I’m a member of this syndicate and if I didn’t kill him then they were going to kill me.” She paused. “I’ve come to the conclusion that after I leave here today, I’m going to head down the police station and turn myself in. I just want to make things right before I go. So please father, could you pray for me and give me the strength and guidance that I need to face up for my sinful deeds to society?” She said as she closed her eyes.

The next day, Julian, Fox, Whitney and Simone were on the Crane jet heading to Detroit. After the jet landed, a limo was waiting for them at the airport to escort them to the hotel that they would be staying in. Julian and Fox shared a room together, and Whitney and Simone had one of their own. Simone was just walking down to the dining area of the hotel when she suddenly stopped and looked at the cover of the local newspaper. She placed her hand over her mouth, then quickly went and bought a copy of it and ran back to her room.

Whitney was getting ready to lie down but was startled to see Simone run through the room door and slam it hard.

“Simone what’s wrong?”

“Look at this Whitney.” Simone said handing her the paper.

“Oh my god… We have to show Fox and Julian.” She said as she took Simone by the hand and went next door to Julian and Fox’s room.

“Coming.” Julian said. He then walked over to the door and found Simone and Whitney.

“Julian look.” Whitney said and handed the paper to Julian.

“I don’t believe this…” Julian whispered as he read the newspaper head lines. ‘The Murderer Of Crane Patriarch Turns Herself In.’ “Liz turned herself in the police.”

“I think we should head down to the police station now.” Simone said.

“You’re right. Fox!” Julian called out to Fox, who was in the bathroom.


“We’re going to the police station now.”


“Here.” Julian said then tossed the paper over to Fox.

“Let’s go.”

A half hour later, they were walking into the Sixth Precinct and up to the front desk.

“Excuse office, I’m here to see Liz Sanbourne.” Julian said.

“Just a moment sir.” The office said then picked up the phone dialed a few numbers.

A tall dark officer suddenly appeared and walked up to Julian and the others.

“I’m Officer Kevin Bennett and you sir?” He said and held his hand out to shake Julian’s.

“I’m Julian Crane. And this here is my son Fox and Whitney and Simone Russell.”

“Nice to meet you all. So, I hear you want to speak to Liz Sanbourne, may I ask why Mr. Crane?” Officer Bennett said.

“You see, Liz is these girls aunt and she’s may know the whereabouts of their mother and our son. I really need to see her.” He said to Officer Bennett.

“Ok, I’ll see what I can do. Give me a minute.” He said then walked off. A few minutes later, Officer Bennett came back.

“Ok Mr. Crane, you can see her. She only wants to speak to you anyways.”

Julian nodded.

“Thank you. Fox, Whitney, Simone… I’ll make her tell me where Eve and Devin are. I promise.” And with that said, Julian followed Officer Bennett to the back of the precinct and into a room and waited.

Liz was brought in moments later, wearing an orange jumpsuit and handcuffs on her hands and feet. Liz then turned and looked at Julian with sad eyes. Julian noticed the way that Liz was looking at him and it caught him off guard.

“I’ll leave two alone. You got thirty minutes.” Officer Bennett said then went out of the room.

“Julian…” Liz said as she sat down in her chair and dropped her head down.

“If you’re trying to get me to feel sorry for you, then you’re a fool.” Julian spat.

“I know.” She said, her head still down.

“Where are Eve and Devin?” He got right to the point.

“Before I tell anything, you need to know the rest of the story.”

“The rest?” Julian whispered. He looked completely dumbfounded.

“Yeah, the rest.”

“Tell me.”

The three young adults waited out in the lobby of the police station for Julian to come back. They needed to know now if Liz told him where their mom and brother were.

“Fox, what’s taking so long?” Whitney said as she paced back and forth.

“I don’t know.” Fox answered.

“Whitney please sit down, you’re making me dizzy?” Simone whined.

“I’m just worried about mom alright!” Whitney snapped. She then stopped and looked at Simone. “I’m sorry.”

“It’s alright.”

“Hey are you girls hungry?” Fox just suddenly blurted out.

They both nodded.

“Let’s go, I saw a Wendy’s a couple of blocks away.”

Liz finally looked up and met Julian eyes. She knew that once he knew everything, he would be able to save her sister and nephew.

“You know, after killing your father, and suffering through the nightmares of taking some ones live, it takes its toll on you. And I started thinking about all the terrible things I did. It made me realize that what I did to my sister and nephew was… what I did to you was wrong. So what I’m about to tell you now is, this is the only way that I can think of to least make the mistakes of the past I did correct.”

“Just get to it.” Julian scoffed.

“About ten years ago, I was on assignment for my boss. He needed for me to have his blood work tested to see if he could find Eve. He lost track of Eve shortly after she gave birth to Devin. You know what Alistair did to Eve and what he gave her. So I did what he asked me. Back then DNA was in it’s early stages, and nothing came up. When Eve was in the hospital earlier in the year, I had someone steal a sample of her blood work. I thought this was my only chance to see for sure if Eve really was my boss’s niece.”

“And is she?”


“She’s not?” Julian asked seriously.

“No, she’s not his niece…”

“Then why does he have her and my son? I thought that Warren Johnson was Eve’s father.” Julian asked.

“Warren Johnson was her stepfather. And no she’s not his niece because she’s his daughter.”

Julian gasped.

“What did you say?”

“My boss is Eve’s father. He thought he couldn’t have any children. But obviously he did.”

“Oh my god. And he doesn’t know?” Julian asked curiously.

“No. He thinks she’s his niece.” Liz said.

Julian got up from his chair and walked around for a bit. So Eve’s so-called uncle was really her biological father and he didn’t know!

“What’s his name? I want his name now!” Julian shouted.

“Claude Knight is his name.”

“That’s all I needed to know.” Julian said as he walked towards the door.

“Julian wait! There’s something else.” Liz said.

“I have what I came here for.”

“No, you have to save Eve and Devin from Melissa. Claude is being used himself. He just wanted Eve and Devin to know that he was her uncle, but Melissa told him it would be a good idea to bring them both into the family business. Melissa wants Eve and Devin dead so that she can kill Claude and take over the business.”


“Because Melissa is Eve’s sister.”

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